Done under a couple of weeks for the AFTERORDER contest.
AFTERORDER is a NFT/crypto based trading card game that Ramon Nuñez is directing.
I used Character Creator for the base body and facial shapes.
This was the occasion to improve my rendering pipeline in blender, sorting out how to both reduce rendering time to a minimum thanks to branched path tracing, (1-3min for perfectly noiseless quality.) and have maximum control in compositing with all color passes, DOF, cryptomate, normals, motion blur ect...
Was an amazing occasion too to test a non-linear pipeline, where I could still work on and tweak the character design/props while having done the animation and compositing. (as all meshes are dynamically attached to the rig in blender, unlike Maya where you rather can't change the models freely once it's UV/rigged/skinned/animated ect...)

Stock Media provided by Kano_Sound / Pond5