AMD Design Award 2021 - The Ritual

My entry for the AMD Design Award 2021.

During the Crypto-Age, younglings had to pass a baptism of fire, a Ritual to reach adult age in the eyes of the Elders. They mounted Giant Serpents during their migration and had to live off the lands they crossed during the whole season.
Lokia, who lost his father to the hunt the previous year, have a tougher challenge than his friends participating to the Ritual: he had to come back in one piece at any cost, taking care of his mourning mom was his duty.

I loved the theme of mixing tech with organic life, a new cyber-tree of life, as I'm passionate about semi-organic robots.
It was a real challenge to make everything in 3d, specially using 3DCoat as it's very rough around the edges and full of bugs, but also the best 3d software to make assets from A to Z in an artist friendly way.

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