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-The last flight-

Beyond Human Challenge, keyframe concept art.
Inspired by the indie game I'm art directing, Failure:NeuroSlicers.

Loic liok bramoulle comp 03

"The fate of her brothers lied deep inside the megastructure, in the most secure server room, encoded in the virtual frame of the network"

Loic liok bramoulle comp 07

"As she was diving down the shaft, she realized how insane was her plan, though, these data needed to be destroyed as fast as possible"

Loic liok bramoulle comp 03

"A Trojan had been planted, they had foreseen her move and let her no chances. She reached her head, trying to isolate it from the intrusion, as she hoped for the emergency extraction to trigger."

Loic liok bramoulle comp 01

"He woke in a trance, realizing they traced his avatar extracting from the server room back to his hideout, the corporation's private police was legendary fast, and unforgiving."